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// render2d.h -- class definition for XDrawChem render widget.

#ifndef RENDER2D_H
#define RENDER2D_H

#include <qwidget.h>
#include <qcursor.h>
#include <qrect.h>
#include <qfont.h>
#include <qfile.h>
#include <qtextstream.h>
#include <qpainter.h>
#include <qprinter.h>
#include <qdragobject.h>
#include <qpointarray.h>
#include <qpopupmenu.h>
#include <qtextedit.h>

#include "drawable.h"
#include "paintable.h"
#include "dpoint.h"
#include "prefs.h"
#include "clipboard.h"
#include "xdc_event.h"

class ChemData;
class Text;
class Molecule;

extern Preferences preferences;

class Render2D : public QWidget {
  void setChemData(ChemData *c1) { c = c1; }
  // defined in render2d.cpp
  Render2D(QWidget *parent = 0, const char *name = 0);
  void CorrectEndpoint_arrow(); 
  void CorrectEndpoint_bond(); 
  void CleanUpAfterTextTool();
  void setClipboard(Clipboard *);
  Clipboard *getClipboard();

  public slots:
    // defined in render2d.cpp
    void ReactionAnalysis(int);
    void setMode_Select();
    void setMode_Lasso();
    void setMode_DrawLine();
    void setMode_DrawDashLine();
    void setMode_DrawChain();
    void setMode_DrawUpLine();
    void setMode_DrawDownLine();
    void setMode_DrawWavyLine();
    void setMode_DrawArrow(QString);
    void setMode_DrawBracket(QString);
    void setMode_Erase();
    void setMode_DrawText();
    void setMode_DrawSymbol(QString);
    void setMode_DrawGraphicObject(int, int param1 = 0);
    void setMode_DrawRing(QString, QString, int sp = 0);
    void setMode_DrawCurveArrow(QString);
    void setMode_DrawNewmanAnti();
    void setMode_DrawNewmanGauche();
    void Tool(int);
    void SelectAll();
    void DeselectAll();
    void EraseSelected();
    void Inserted();
    void SetFont(QFont);
    void SetColor(QColor);
    QFont GetFont();
    QColor GetColor();
    void Cut();
    void Copy();
    void Paste();
    void Undo();
    void Rotate90();
    void Rotate180();
    void Rotate270();
    void AutoLayout();
    void Flip(int);
    bool SaveEPS(QString);
    bool SaveSVG(QString);
    void clearAllGroups();
    QPoint zoomCorrect(QPoint);
    QPoint zoomCorrectReverse(QPoint);
    // defined in render2d_draw.cpp
    double getAngle(QPoint, QPoint);
    void drawBezier(QPointArray, QColor, bool = false, int = 0);
    void drawLine(QPoint, QPoint, int, QColor, int = 0);
    void drawPolyline(QPointArray, QColor);
    void drawUpLine(QPoint, QPoint, QColor);
    void drawDownLine(QPoint, QPoint, QColor);
    void drawWavyLine(QPoint, QPoint, QColor);
    void drawArrow(QPoint, QPoint, QColor, int, int);
    void drawBracket(QPoint, QPoint, QColor, int);
    void drawBox(QPoint, QPoint, QColor);
    void drawFillBox(QPoint, QPoint, QColor);
    void drawFillBox(QPoint, QPoint, QColor, bool, QColor, int);
    void drawCircle(QPoint, int, QColor);
    void drawText(QChar, QPoint, QColor, QFont);
    void drawString(QString, QPoint, QColor, QFont);
    void drawTextReverse(QChar, QPoint, QColor, QFont);
    void drawPixmap(QPoint, QPixmap);
    void drawCurveArrow(QPoint, QPoint, QColor, QString);
    QPixmap MakePixmap(bool transp = false);
    QPixmap MakeFullPixmap();
    // defined in render2d_text.cpp
    void InsertSymbol();
    void DrawText_returnPressed();
    void DrawText_textChanged();
    void DrawText_FinishText();
    void DrawText_CVAchanged(QTextEdit::VerticalAlignment);
    QString EditText(QPoint, QString, int, bool);
    QRect GetTextDimensions(QString, QFont);
    int GetTextHeight(QFont);
    int GetTextFullHeight(QFont);
    int GetCharWidth(QChar, QFont);
    int GetStringWidth(QString, QFont);
    void DrawText_mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *, QPoint);
    void DrawText_mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent *, QPoint);
    void DrawText_mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *);
    void Superscript();
    void Subscript();
    void Bold();
    void Italic();
    void Underline();
    void JustifyLeft();
    void JustifyCenter();
    void JustifyRight();
    // defined in render2d_select.cpp
    void Select_mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *);
    double GetAngle(DPoint *, DPoint *, DPoint *);
    // defined in render2d_print.cpp
    void PrintSetup();
    void Print(QString epsname = "");
    void UpdatePageGeometry();
    // defined in render2d_event.cpp:
    QPoint GridLock(QPoint);
    void zoomEvent();
    void molInfo();
    void molSelect();
    void molCut();
    void molCopy();
    void bondEdit();
    void bondInfo();

    // defined here:
    void setDirectDraw(bool dd1) { directdraw = dd1; }
    double DistanceBetween(QPoint a, QPoint b) {
      double dx = (double)a.x() - (double)b.x();
      double dy = (double)a.y() - (double)b.y();
      return sqrt(dx * dx + dy * dy);
    QPoint Midpoint(QPoint a, QPoint b) {
      int ax = (a.x() + b.x()) / 2;
      int ay = (a.y() + b.y()) / 2;
      return QPoint(ax, ay);
    int RoundOff(double x) {
      int x1 = (int)x;
      double x2 = x - (double)x1;
      if (x2 > 0.5)
      return x1 + 1;
      return x1;
    void SetOutputDevice(int x) { outputDevice = x; }
    void SetThick(int t) { thick = t; }
    void resetTextOrigin() { 
      if (mode > 127) {
      rotateOrigin.setX(0); rotateOrigin.setY(0); 
    // now done in prefs.h
    //int getPageSize() { return page_size; }
    //int getPageOrientation() { return page_orientation; }
    void setPageSizeAndOrientation() {
    void setBGColor(QColor bc1) { 
      bgcolor = bc1; 
    QColor getBGColor() { return bgcolor; }
    void setWaitCursor() { setCursor(waitCursor); }
    void setArrowCursor() { setCursor(arrowCursor); }

    void SignalSetStatusBar(QString);
    void SignalHelpTopic(QString);
    void XDCEventSignal(XDC_Event *);
    void TextOn(QFont);
    void TextOff();

  // defined in render2d_event.cpp
    void mouseDoubleClickEvent(QMouseEvent *);
  void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *);
  void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent *);
  void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *);
  void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *);
  void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *);
  // defined in render2d_text.cpp
  void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *);

  // Qpixmap of double buffer
  QPixmap dbuffer;
  // height and width of the drawing area
  int renderHeight, renderWidth;
  // zoom factor (actually held in prefs.h)
  double zoomFactor;
  // cursors
  QCursor skullcursor, rotatecursor;
  // the ChemData object this Render2D is linked with
  ChemData *c;
  // start and end points of object being drawn, or selection box...
  DPoint *startpoint, *endpoint;
  // current drawing font
  QFont currentFont;
  // current drawing color
  QColor currentColor;
  // current background color
  QColor bgcolor;
  // Positions to remember for multiple selection
  QPoint selectOrigin, selectPrev;
  // Rotate and resize handles (used in MODE_SELECT_MULTIPLE_SELECTED)
  QRect selectionBox;
  QPoint rotateHandle, resizeHandle;
  // rotate origin
  QPoint rotateOrigin;
  // previous angle (for rotating)
  double prevangle;
  // previous position (of mouse, usually)
  DPoint *prevpos;
  // highlighted point, if any
  DPoint *highlightpoint;
  // highlighted object, if any
  Drawable *highlightobject;
  // current input/output/drawing mode
  int mode, prev_mode;
  // temporary Bezier curve
  QPointArray tmp_bezier;
  int bezier_count;
  // current button state
  bool mouse1down, mouse3down, doubleClickFlag;
  bool moved;  // to check validity of points, see render2d_event.cpp
  // direct drawing flag
  bool directdraw;
  // fixed length/angle (now controlled by Preferences class, see prefs.h)
  //bool fixed_bond, fixed_arrow;
  //double fixedlength_bond, fixedangle_bond;
  //double fixedlength_arrow, fixedangle_arrow;
  // current line thickness and old bond order (for edit)
  int thick, savedBondOrder;
  // chain length
  double chainlength;
  // Output device (screen, printer, image)
  int outputDevice;
  // Output file/textstream
  QFile output_file;
  QTextStream output_ts;
  // SVG position correction
  int svg_dx, svg_dy;
  // Output printer
  QList<Paintable> paintqueue;
  QPrinter *printer;
  // Text object, temp string to use when creating/editing text
  Text *localtext;
  QTextEdit *localtexteditor;
  QString localstring;
  bool text_exists;  // does this text object exist?
  bool text_drag, super_set, sub_set;
  DPoint *start_drag;
  // Symbol object, which file to use (or ring, if MODE_RING)
  QString symbolfile;
  int smartplace;  // able to attach ring to a point (e.g., benzene, Fmoc)
  // Bracket object, which bracket
  int bracket_type;
  // page setup options (NOW HELD IN PREFS...)
  //int page_size;
  //int page_orientation;
  // drag object
  QDragObject *drag1;
  bool dragging;
  // finished rendering?
  bool finishedPainting;
  // set in render2d.cpp::SaveEPS()
  double eps_dx, eps_dy;
  // data for lasso
  QPointArray tmp_lasso;
  QPoint lasso1, lasso2;
  // QPopupMenu for right clicks
  QPopupMenu *rtclickpopup;
  Molecule *targetmol;
  // current/temporary Molecule
  Molecule *tmp_molecule;


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